R r o s e    P r e s e n t  
    c r o n o l o g í a f i l m o g r a f í a p a r o l e s b i o g r a f í a c o m i s a r i a d o  
    FLUX Festival 2016 - L'ALTERNATIVA Cinema HALL, CCCB 2017 - Crítico YVES MICHAUD - WOMAN BODY txt Rrose Present
February 2-4, 2018 ADIFFERENT Festival_ACinema Space Program/ Installations: Miwaukee,  Wisconsin, l United States
Jan. 2018, NEW YEAR NEW WORK sreening The Filmmakers Cooperative NYC Co-curated Mary Billyou Carolina Mandia & Courtney Muller
February 15, 2018, LES INATTENDUS 11 Festival de films (très) Indépendedants, LYON, France
November 13-19, 2017, L'ALTERNATIVA Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona, HALL selecciona, CCCB Barcelona
November 3, December 31, 2017 WOMAN BODY SELFIE EXPERIENCE - Woman Body seen by herself by Rrose Present
July 2017, FESTIVAL IMAGES CONTRE NATURE, Pr. SPACE, pr. TIME, p'Silo, Videodrome, Marsella, Francia

May 2017, GREENPOIN FILM FESTIVAL_ Program Curated by LILI WHITE, Brooklyn, NYC
April 2017, CRATER_LAB: DONES QUE DONEN... LA LLUM... A L'OMBRA (programa Rrose Present)
February 2017, ADIFFERENT Festival_ACinema Space Program 1_Incarnations: Miwaukee,  Wisconsin, l United States

Video: Deseo II, Viaje al misterio verde - 2018 Adifferent Festival_ACinema Space, Miwaukee,  Wisconsin, USA

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Menção Honrosa " Codes of senses II" FAB 2015 Festival Audiovisual Belém BRASIL
p r o y e c t o s :
S e n t i r   d e s   d e l s   S e n t i t s
P e n s a r   C o n   L a s   M a n o s  2 0 0 9 / 1 2
m i r a c l e h o u s e s,   2 0 0 4 / 0 7
 d i s t r i b u t o r    T H E   F I L M M A K E R S   C O O P E R A T I V E,   N Y C 
i m a t g e s _ d i s s e n y _ r e a l i t z a c i           r  r r o s e     p r e s e n t _ 2 0 1 2           r r o s e p r e s e n t @ g m a i l . c o m