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    FUSION OF HORIZON, Sessió Dialògica Daniel Barnett & Rrose Present, FLUX Club, Antic Teatre, Barcelona
Horizon of Meaning (excerp) interpretation of the film “Science Without Substance” of Dan Barnett

Daniel Barnet's some words about "Horizon of Meaning"

Rrose Present managed to distill and capture the very essence of my hour and a half long film in 4 minutes! That astounded me.
A part of my life's been given over to the development of cinema as a set of new language forms. Dialogue is how this happens. Ways to facilitate dialogue of this sort are tools to build our common future. Many thanks are owed to Rrose for launching this international dialogue.

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!
Thank you so much. I'm sure you know how it feels to feel understood at some deeper level.
Across languages - the future of cinema.
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